Moving our new furniture in

We are very excited to have our house back after our tenants recently moved out. There is lots to do & this weekend came my favourite part; moving the new furniture in! Well some of it anyway. It is coming in, in bits & pieces over the next few weeks. Of course we have a big deadline looming as our first guests arrive on October 10th. It feels as though I have been single handedly trying to keep the economy going with all my purchases. I love the new crockery which I unpacked & have in the kitchen shelves and the Laguiole cutlery.  Being in the bed business means I already have lots of quilt covers etc but I have bought up big on new ones.  Can you possibly imagine how many cushions & pillows can fit in to a 4 bedroom country home? I will count them this weekend but for now I will guess about 50! Anyway it is lots of fun and I will look forward to hanging some pictures this weekend.